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Paradigm Shift: New Theory of Cosmology

by John T. Cullen

"I have not come to destroy the
Standard Model but to fulfill it."

DARK ENERGY IS FINISHED. The late-20th Century discovery came as a stunning surprise: our universe is neither collapsing inwardly from the force of its own gravitation, nor is it frozen in equilibrium. The third option might have been that it still expands from the outward push of the Big Bang, but ever slower, until it finally begins to collapse inwardly as the Big Bang energy is spent. To everyone's shock, the answer was none of these. For unexplained reasons, the universe is not only continuing to expand, but it's doing so ever faster. How is this possible? Where is the so-called Dark Energy coming from, without violating the laws of science? Now we have a plausible answer: EXOGRAVITATION.

100% LOGICAL—NO SPOOKERY. As many scientists have long suspected (hoped might be a better term), there are ever larger structures. The movement from a one-galaxy universe led by the Hubble group in the 1920s was a major step in beginning to realize just how vast our cosmos really is. Now we are going to make the ultimate leap to ever larger structures: an infinite and eternal hall of universes without limit, without beginning or end…

DARK ENERGY IS GRAVITATION WITH A TWIST. The accelerating expansion of our cosmos is actually caused by the ambient, aggregate gravitational attraction of a larger external structure I call the Motherverse. I have developed a complete, plausible, scientific theory that covers the entire process. My vision posits infinitely many universes outside of our own, among which our own is merely one tiny grain of sand (so to speak) on an infinite and eternal beach without beginning or end. Understanding begins with reading, as opposed to scoffing. Call it a theory, hypothesis, or thought experiment as you wish: Here is the whole paper, free for you to read.

PURELY SCIENTIFIC. To be absolutely clear: I have no axes to grind, whether religious, spiritual, political, or cultural. My devotion is 100% to Enlightenment-inspired, skeptical scientific inquiry based on logic, honesty, clear observation, and objective interpretation. Let my work speak for itself, if you have time and interest in reading it, and considering these points in their context. Thanks, and happy reading. JTC

STANDARD MODEL. My quote above ("I have not come to destroy the Standard Model but to fulfill it") paraphrases a historical person far more famous than I am not. My quote would have been in response to a leading cosmologist who started reading my work, became exceedingly nervous (terrified), and cut off contact abruptly after stating: "Very compelling—but I'll stick with the Standard Model." Had he stuck around for a short while longer, I could have assured him that his world was not about to end—but was about to be really born in full scientific and logical glory. So again: please relax and read. Your Standard Model is safe. It's a small but necessary cog in the grand machinery I am presenting here.


Full Current Edition Free to Read: Please click on the cover to start reading for free a small volume describing my Exogravitation (Exograv) Theory. Without too much extraneous preamble, let's let the work speak for itself.

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